Monday, October 27, 2008

Heal Thyself—Simple remedies for common problems

**I have not personally tried these recommendations list below and are for informational purposes only. Nor are they recommended to replace the diagnosis, treatment, and/or prescriptions given by a licensed health care professional to relieve the symptoms of/cure more aggressive forms of health issues described below or other related/similar health concerns not mentioned in the following article. Reflexologists are not licensed health care professionals and should always encourage clients to seek appropriate medical treatment when needed.** Kristie Martin, Relaxation Professional - A Quiet Sole Reflexology
Heal Thyself—Simple remedies for common problems By Jennifer Haupt
Warts Remedy— Cover with duct tape. A recent study at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center asked patients to wear duct tape over their warts for six days, then remove the tape, soak the affected area in water and scrape it with an emery board or pumice stone. After continuing the treatment for up to two months, participants were free of warts.
Why it works—The duct tape irritates the wart, which causes an immune-system reaction that attacks the growth.
Dull, Splintered Nails Remedy—Rub a dab of cod liver oil or castor oil onto cuticles and nails.
Why it works—Both oils soften cuticles and make nails shiny, plus the massage helps them grow, says Tourles.
Achy Joints Remedy—Soak your hands in a few tablespoons of rosemary mixed with warm water.
Why it works—Rosemary is a natural anti-inflammatory, and warm water helps improve circulation, says Dr. Page.
Dry Skin and Hard Calluses Remedy - After showering, coat your feet with vegetable shortening and cover with socks. Wear overnight.
Why it works - “Vegetable shortening is the cheapest miracle moisturizer,” says Tourles. “The longer you let it soak in, the softer your feet will be.” Swollen Feet Remedy - Fill a foot tub with ice water and another tub with warm water. Add a few drops of peppermint oil and alternate soaking for five minutes in each. Why it works— Peppermint is an essential oil that relieves pain and relaxes the muscles. Alternating hot and cold will reduce the swelling. Athlete’s Foot Remedy - Soak your feet in vinegar for 10 minutes four times a day until symptoms disappear. Why it works—Vinegar is acidic and kills bacteria and fungi. “You can also wash your lesions with Listerine,” says Joey Green, author of Amazing Kitchen Cures. “It stings quite a bit, but the antiseptic seems to kill the fungus.” Foot Odor Remedy—Dissolve two Alka-Seltzer tablets in a quart of warm water and soak feet for 15 minutes twice a week. Why it works—Green says that the baking soda in Alka-Seltzer increases the acid level on your feet, which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. If you’re allergic to aspirin (a key ingredient in Alka-Seltzer), try sprinkling baking soda into your shoes to absorb any odors. Plantar Warts Remedy— At night, mash a clove of garlic and smear it directly on the wart, then cover with a bandage. Wear a sock to bed and remove the bandage in the morning. Repeat for 10 days. Why it works - “Plantar warts are caused by a virus, and garlic is a natural immunity booster as well as an antiseptic,” says Andrea Murray, a reflexologist and herbalist at Akari Hair and Day Spa in Portland, Maine.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Top 10 things reflexology can do that medicine can't

We have prepared a series of publications on Evidenced Based Reflexology Research. Here is a preview of some of the results. And don't get the wrong idea. This is not to suggest that reflexology is more than a complementary therapy. But according to research there are things that reflexology is capable of doing that medicine cannot do as well.

Top 10 things reflexology can do that medicine can't

1. Phantom Limb pain

2. Postpartum

3. Diabetes

4. Cancer and chemo

5. Neuropathy

6. Hemodialysis

7. Aids mentally ill providing needed benefits to reflexology work

8. Research showed relief from post traumatic stress syndrome

9. Measures of stress are significantly decreased

10. Immediate feelings of wellbeing

10 things

1. Research shows that reflexology work alleviates and, at times, eliminate phantom limb pain

2. Reflexology is beneficial for post-partum women including issues such as Anxiety and depression and recovery from Cesarean section.

3. Research shows that reflexology work reduces physiologic measures for diabetics and is an effective treatment for type II diabetes mellitus. Circulation to the feet is improved also.

4. Thirteen studies from seven countries (US, Italy, Japan, China, Switzerland, Korea, United Kingdom) target cancer care and show the benefits of reflexology work including anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, nausea, and vomiting.

5. Neuropathy Research shows improvement in blood flow rate, time and acceleration within the feet following reflexology work

6. Research shows that reflexology work helps individuals undergoing hemodialysis: Improves the kidney’s functions with changes in physiologic measures: an increase in red blood cells (to combat anemia concerns), increase in lymphocytes (to help fight infection), and enhances disposal of waste products.

7. Reflexology programs and research shows that reflexology aids the mentally ill, providing needed benefits unique to reflexology work. Mental health workers report that reflexology work furnishes many advantages including facilitating communication

8. Victims of post traumatic stress syndrome experienced relief from symptoms including anger, depression and muscle tension as well as improved sleep patterns, levels of concentration and a lift in overall mood.

9. Measures of stress such as blood pressure, pulse rate and self-reported anxiety are significantly decreased, decreased or lowered.

The last point came from a client. He said when "I go to the doctor I don't know what the outcome will be. But when I see you I always feel better." He said it was a feeling of well being and that is what he paid for.

Kevin Kunz

Using reflexology to manage stress in the workplace

This study is a preliminary study to "explore the use of reflexology in managing stress in the workplace". It was with a small group people in the UK and it demonstrated positive results.
There have been several studies to this effect. The really interesting comment in a study from Denmark by one employee was that when they felt just a general malaise the idea that the reflexologist was available gave them impetus to go to work.
Hans Selye, the famous stress researcher spoke of this general rundown feeling that stress produces. It isn't a specific disorder. Rather it is a feeling of overall fatigue.
Could reflexology effect not only these borderline "illnesses"? Reflexology by breaking up the patterns of stress off lifts the feeling of being under the weather. But could reflexology do more than that? Could reflexology actually effect the bottom line?
I well never forget a simple reaction that took place in a sheltered workshop I worked at right after college. We assembled several products for companies like RCA and Hoffman Laroche.
I had been taking pictures of the assembly lines for a newsletter we produced. When I was done with the pictures I posted them up on the bulletin board just for the clients interest.
Our production shot through the roof on that day and the effect continued for several days. Like a famous Westinghouse lighting study demonstrated the simple act of paying attention to workers had a beneficial effect for the bottom line.
Imagine what having a reflexologist on staff might do. In these troubled economic times it might have quite an impact on profits. Kevin Kunz

Friday, October 3, 2008

Remember What Is Most Important

It's not having everything go right;
it's facing whatever goes wrong.
It's not being without fear;
it's having the determination to go on in spite of it.
What is most important is not where you stand,
but the direction you are going in.
It's more than never having bad moments;
it's knowing you are always bigger than the moment.
It's believing you have already been given everything you need to handle life.
It's not being able to rise above them.
It's the belief in your heart that there will always be more good than bad in the world.
Remember to live just this one day and not add tomorrow's troubles to today's load.
Remember that every day ends and brings a new tomorrow full of exciting new things.
Love what you do, do the best you can, and always remember how much you are loved!
-Vickie M. Worsham

UMKC Communiversity Wholistic Health Fair

It's time for the Fall Wholistic Health Fair at UMKC to be held on Sunday November 9, 2008 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm in the University Center Building at 50th & Rockhill Road.
There will be wide variety of vendors there to visit with as well as great workshops going on all day long starting at 12 noon and ending at 5:45 pm. The fair is free, however, the workshops are $2.00 or 3 workshops for $5.00.
When you come to A Quiet Sole Reflexology prior to Nov. 9th, I will giving away FREE WORKSHOP COUPONS as well as discounts for hot stone reflexology sessions!
I look forward to seeing you at Booth # 37 at the Wholistic Health Fair to pick up reflexology information, to have a love offering reflexology session or to say hello! See you all then!
Namaste, Kristie