Monday, July 28, 2008

Reflexology: How It Helps!

Reflexology improves circulation and can alleviate heel pain caused by a tightened/inflamed plantar fascia, the band of connective tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot to the heel, by applying pressure, using thumb, finger and hand techniques.
What you can do: Visit your local reflexologist for a session and ask for “homework”
• Foot bath with Epsom Salts (to draw out pain)
• Grip the foot with both hands and gently twist your hands from side to side as if you’re wringing a towel. (Indian rope burn)
• You’ll need a small towel and a wooden or tile floor. Stand barefoot on the floor and place the towel in front of you, with its edge underneath your toes. Scrunch up your toes to grip the towel, pulling it toward you, then release; repeat until most of the towel is bunched up under your toes.
• Then reverse the motion to push the towel away from you. This helps to strengthen the muscles on the underside of the foot, particularly those in the arch”.
• Rolling your bare foot over a golf or tennis ball can also stretch and strengthen foot muscles while relieving tension. If they’ve progressed to Plantar Fasciitis, they’ll need to do more; ie exercise their feet BEFORE getting out of bed, wear a boot to bed, orthotics………………….. At which point they’ll be thrilled to be wearing ANY shoes that will make their feet feel good :)

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