Monday, September 22, 2008

You Have What It Takes to Make Your Dreams Come True

What you think of yourself is far more important than what others think of you. There will be days when people will try to tear you down. Don't let them win. Hold your head high, walk proudly, and remember when you've done the best you can do, there is nothing anyone can say to take that away from you. Keep they song in your heart, and memorize it well. Play it over and over; soon others will take notice and look up to you. Some may even ask you for advice. You have what it takes to succeed. You're a person of integrity, wisdom, and faith. If nagging doubts ever enter your mind, the kind where you question if what you're doing is right, pause for a momet, close your eyes, and just do what you need to do...believe, believe, believe. --Kris Ackerman

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