Friday, June 20, 2008

Chemotherpay & Reflexology

Our friend, Sara, called up for advice. She is a nursing student and one of her patients was asking about nausea, a common side effect of chemotherapy. Sara called us up because she had heard us talking about it in relationship to reflexology. There is about 16-20 studies now on reflexology and chemotherapy that show positive results with nausea. Sara asked where should I show them to work. We went to the research. The procedure is to work lightly and never more than thirty minutes. The emphasis is on relaxation so the one study's routine started out with "desserts" or relaxation techniques including "side to side" and "hook in the ankle". Also the solar plexus reflex area is a good overall relaxing area. See The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology or Complete Reflexology for Life . Sara asked if the solar plexus was on the Interactive Reflexology Charts. It is. The next question is where do you work besides the solar plexus. The answer according to the research is to work the whole foot but with emphasis on the part of the body effected by the cancer. In this case it was colon- rectal cancer. There should also be emphasis on the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal reflex areas to boost the immune system. These are endocrine glands. I mentioned that there was some very interesting research saying that hospitals should teach the partners of cancer patients to do reflexology. Sara replied, "that is what I am doing." If anyone can do it Sara can. Kevin Kunz

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