Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reflexology & Allergies

So you suffer from allergies, right? Well, help is here! Reflexology can be very effective for allergies but it takes a little conditioning to do it right.

A client of ours found the "golf ball technique" so effective he would pass out golf balls and instructions to all his friends. He told them it took two weeks of daily application but after that it was a matter of maintenance. The directions he passed out are below.

It is best if you can do the technique several times a day. Some people do it about the same time as they have meals or time it with some activity like watching television or reading a book.

A Self-Help Reflexology Technique-Allergies, Asthma, & Sinus Problems

Results in reflexology are achieved by applying an exercise-type program of pressure technique to specific parts of the hands or feet. Traditionally, the stimulus of pressure is applied to the adrenal reflex area to create a healthful response by the body to allergies, asthma, and sinus problems.

On the hand, this area is found on the palms of both hands, halfway down the long first metacarpal bone of the hand below the thumb. To find the area, rest your right thumb on top of your left thumb. Reposition the right hand moving the right thumb down, toward the wrist. Your hand is now positioned so that your right index finger can curl around the hand and exert pressure at the midpoint of the long bone. Rest your finger tip on the on the palm of the hand and press. Does the area feel sensitive or very sensitive? If not, reposition your finger tip slightly to test another area. Now that you have a target area, try a pressure technique. The above testing technique can be utilized as a working technique. Position your fingertip on the sensitive area and eight to ten times. Repeat with the other hand.

The simplest pressure technique involves the use of a golf ball . Hold a golf ball in your hand. Clasp your two hands together, inter linking fingers. Roll the golf ball over your palms below the thumb. Target the general area of the adrenal reflex area.

How long should this exercise last? There are several strategies. Try a pattern of using the golf ball technique for 15 to 30 seconds and resting for 15 to 30 seconds, alternating work and rest throughout a five minute period. Try this four times though out the day such as morning, noon, dinner time, and bedtime. After two weeks, evaluate your results.

As you continue using the technique, your strategy may change. You may find yourself reaching for your golf ball at the onset of the sniffles or other symptoms. And, then, you may find yourself continuing the exercise until you get lessen the symptoms to your satisfaction.

Warning: This is the application of a hard surface, the golf ball, to a soft surface, the hand. It is possible to apply too much pressure or to apply pressure for too long a time. You've done too much exercise if your hand feels bruised or sensitive to touch. Quit the exercise until the sensitivity passes. When you apply technique again, limit your time to maintain your comfort level. The golf ball technique is a self-help technique not a technique for use on others.

Note: This technique is not for everyone. A key to reflexology use is its application in a conscientious program. Are you willing to spend some time doing this? Think of this as you would any exercise. Just as a certain number of sit-ups is needed to influence one's waistline, a certain amount of reflexology technique application is needed to get results. Many have gotten results and find it worth their time.

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